The four old pieces that have been replaced by the car

2019-04-29 09:14
NetEase Auto Dongying Station reported on April 29 that the owner of the car will feel that it is easier to buy a car, and it is more difficult to raise a car later. It is like spending a lot of money on the maintenance and maintenance of the car, no matter how good the quality of our car is. In the event of a breakdown, we usually go to the 4s shop or the garage to maintain the car and replace the old ones, but most car owners only care about the car after the repair, but pay little attention to those replacements. The auto parts, you may not know, when repairing the car, the four old pieces that have been replaced must be taken away, the old driver: bad is also valuable.
The first one: the three-way catalytic converter, this thing is installed in the rear row of the car, is the most important external purification device of the whole car, so this thing is essential, and with such a thing, it can decide a car. Is it a national five or a national six? Generally speaking, the three-way catalytic converter is not bad, and the service life is also very long. If it is really bad, it can only be a bad luck. A new three-way catalytic converter needs about several thousand. Block, do you feel very distressed, but we must know that even if this thing is broken, it is very valuable. If it is replaced by the old one, it can be worth 100-300 yuan if it is damaged. It is still very good.
The second one: the car battery and the battery are very important for starting the car, but in the process of using it, there will be problems such as loss of power, failure to catch fire, waste of fuel consumption, etc. When encountering such problems, change to a new one. The battery is a must, but the old battery that you replaced should not be thrown. It can not only be replaced with old ones, but also can be discounted. It is also possible to sell two or three hundred dollars. Is this oil money not falling again? There is better than nothing.
Third: old tires and old steel rings. Tires are also a consumable item for many of our vehicles. Some owners will replace the tires in case they are not damaged, but when there is a trend, replace them. If the tires are not damaged when the tires are changed, Because the rubber of the tire is replaced by the aging of the rubber, the old steel ring can also be sold for several tens of dollars, which can be recycled and reused. Even if there is a bump in the middle of the steel ring, the paint can be repaired, and the appearance and new There is no difference in the steel ring, and many riders are distracted when they change the wheel hub, so it is a waste.
The fourth: the compressor of the car air conditioner, the general 4S shop is only the whole replacement is not repaired, but if this part is not taken away, it may flow into the second-hand market, in addition to being able to sell a good price, it is possible The next time you change it, it is the second-hand goods that others have used up! Xiao Bian summary: As a high-consumption commodity, many valuable parts are combined to make the vehicle run normally. When a certain part is unusable, we should also dig out its final value. The mosquito is small and meat. What do you think?
Disclaimer: This article is written by the author of the car, the point of view only represents the individual, does not represent the car network.

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